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The Beginning...
Board of Directors
Board of Directors (1986)
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Organization of the Flushing Area Historical Society was the result of an appeal by the city council for some group to plan a local celebration of the nation's Bicentennial in 1976. Lois Bettesworth was instrumental in organizing the Flushing Area Historical Society in 1973, was its charter President, and made arrangements for participation in the Bicentennial.

Our Mission...
"To collect, acquire, preserve and interpret the history and cultural development of the area in and around Flushing, Michigan. The Historical Society shall maintain the historical integrity of the Flushing Depot and operate the facility as a museum and cultural center, using exhibits, publications and educational programs as the focus of its activities; as a repository for archival materials, a conduit for research of local history and genealogy, and provide educational materials and information about America's past."

Flushing Historical Society Endowment Trust...
In 2000, the Flushing Area Historical Society established an Irrevocable Endowment Trust to continue improving the museum and educational programs. The Historical Society Board of Directors implemented the Flushing Historical Society Endowment Trust. The initial Board of Trustees appointed were Lois Bettesworth, Carl Liepmann, Richard Shaheen, Don Wilson and Jim Wood. The Trust accepts memorial gifts, special bequests and stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. The Trust can also be named as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy. There may be several tax advantages to these gifts (please consult a tax professional). The Board is very excited about the potential improvements to an already great asset to the Flushing community. May we encourage you to remember the Historical Society in your estate plan, memorial gifts and yearly charitable giving. Please feel free to contact one of the above board of trustees with any questions.

Meeting Information...
Historical Society meetings with programs of historical interest are held the third Monday of each month, January through May and September through November. Some of the topics planned for this year are antique hearing aids, home restoration, genealogy and antique toys.

Join Us...
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